Flamingods - 'Levitation'


After first introducing themselves to us with their debut album 'Sun' back in 2013, the psych-rock outfit Flamingods have steadily become one of the best kept secrets in British music. With three studio albums under their belt, the four-piece have built up a solid and devout following over the years, giving them enough confidence and persuasion to pursue more of their electric and exciting sound. And as we finally get tucked into their fourth LP 'Levitation', it is clear that the group are more reassured than ever as there experimental tendencies finally find themselves on a firm and solid base.

There is no denying that psychedelic rock music has seen a huge revival in recent years, and this has only added to the perspective that Flamingods find themselves in. Heading into a more commercialised direction, not too dissimilar to Glass Animals, the group's latest work sees them gloss up their usual intentions with bright and astronomic flair, making this their most accessible album to date. Blending a traditional 1960s-era feel with modern production methods has given this release a familiar yet experimental tone, where we feel like we have heard this before, but at the same time surprises us whenever it can.

It may not be their most impressive record to date, but manages to keep them from falling stale after so many years on the fringes of the psych-rock scene. 'Levitation' makes for the perfect introduction to the band if you are not already familiar with them, and if you are, it'll still tick many of the boxes.

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