Foals - 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1'


It is fair to say that Foals have truly evolved as a group since the days of their debut album 'Antidote' back in 2008. Originally introduced as a twinkling math-rock-inspired group that brought a sense of pace and fun to the indie sound of the mid-noughties, the group quickly began to experiment with more grandeur and gravitas within their writing, moving them from another copycat outfit to something far bigger and more impressive. Now as they return to deliver their fifth full-length 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1', the first of two new releases from them this year, it is clear that these two worlds of theirs are beginning to blur once again.

When we first heard the lead single 'Exits', it seemed that the band were beginning to reach back into their archive when it came to conjuring their next direction. With jangling guitars and progressive pace, many were quick to point out the similarities between that song and their early incarnations. With an almost Battles-esque approach to experimental rock, it was easy to see that this new record was going to be a more retrospective sound and that is exactly what we have now. Blending a mixture of bold and anthemic ideas with their trademark quirkiness, this new collection sees a more revived and vibrant group at the helm.

Although this is only supposed to be one half of a complete collection, 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1' stands up as one of their most engaging and impassioned releases to date. With very little in the way of slow and meandering works, the album is a full throttle onslaught of high-energy and creativity that many will find hard to put down.

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