Frank Ocean - 'Blond'


It has been one of the most attention seeking adventures in music we have ever seen over these last few weeks, but finally Frank Ocean has dropped the album we were originally promised at the start of the month. After revealing his "visual album" 'Endless' last week, we knew that the actually album would be something truly special indeed. 'Endless' was one of the best albums we heard all year and 'Blond' is certainly no different.

Starting off in a similar way to 'Endless', 'Blond' slowly draws us into the record with a atmospheric intro and Ocean's crooning yet auto-tuned voice. And much like its predecessor, sends us on an adventure of smouldering beats and experimental production, which have quickly become the hallmarks of Frank Ocean's overall sound. And with guests this time including Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and Andre 3000, you can see that even on paper, 'Blond' is clearly the superior of the two new records.

It may have been the wait and hype behind it that has made fall further in love with the idea of this new album, but all that noise surrounding the release has definitely been justified as 'Blond' will probably end up in many top 10 album lists by the end of the year as Frank once again cements himself as one of the best new artists of this decade.

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