Future Islands - 'The Far Field'


Following on from the success of their seminal 2014 album 'Singles', synth-romantics Future Islands have found themselves in the public eye far more in the last few years than they have been their whole career. Their latest record broke them through into the musical zeitgeist of international interest and as a result, the band have returned with their fifth full-length 'The Far Field', their most high-profile record to date.

And much like 'Singles', 'The Far Field' is all about creating an atmosphere that permeates throughout the pace of the record. With an almost galloping flow, the release takes the almost aristocratic vocal style of frontman Samuel Herring and puts it against a backdrop of euphoric synths and pulsing drums to conceive a wonderfully blissful yet forceful full-length. Taking their new romantic influences and evolving them into a modern, contemporary sound.

Fans of the group will no doubt love this record, but there is still plenty of engaging material on here to attract new fans to the outfit. There is a unique charm about this band that only by listening to the record in its entirety you understand. 'The Far Field' has poise, elegance and plenty more to offer.

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