Future Of What - 'Pro Dreams'


While the alt-pop scene seems to have settled on the down-tempo electro sound to define itself, bands like Future Of What are still trying to make the genre their own by adding their own style of grace and subtlety. 'Pro Dreams' is the debut full-length from this New York three-piece who, despite not gathering huge acclaim in the international market, have managed to create a humble fanbase through their own efforts and given us a well-rounded introduction to their sound.

Although the album isn't the most energy-ridden debut that some artists like to start with, Future Of What have managed to turn their low-key sound into an ever-evolving art form in its own right. Never stretching too far from its initial sound, 'Pro Dreams' is a steady and well-paced record that seems to want to draw you in with its welcoming vocals and minimal aspects to its production.

It's lack of hooks and memorable material may be the only hinderance to what is a very well-written record. While it is an enjoyable listen, you do find it hard to recall much of it once it is over.

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