The Futureheads - 'Powers'


When The Futureheads released their self-titled debut album in 2004, it was during the mass indie-rock wave that had begun to take hold of the UK's musical zeitgeist. Yet despite the ever-growing and crowded marketplace they had stumbled into, the Sunderland-based outfit managed to make a serious mark on the scene thanks to their irreverent and catchy pop-focused ditties. But after years of struggle to maintain their popularity, it looked like we had seen the last of them when they released their acoustic album 'Rant' in 2012. But just like any blast of nostalgia, the group have now reformed to deliver their sixth studio album 'Powers' and it feels like they have gotten their mojo back.

In the latter days of their career, The Futureheads became a very hit-and-miss outfit. While their third album 'This Is Not The World' saw them adventure into new and tenacious territory, their subsequent collections failed to live up to their fans expectations of them. But with 'Powers', it seems like the group are ready to venture back down those more ferocious roads as the record plays with a rejuvenated excitement that we rarely hear from bands who have fallen out of form in previous years. Not only is this new album a strong and energetic return, it fills itself with plenty of that trademark sound, proving to us that they have not let go of their spark just yet.

It may not be filled with the instant earworms that have littered their back catalogue to date, but 'Powers' still manages to inject plenty of high-pace and euphoric moments that remind us all of why we fell in love with The Futureheads in the first place. A bold and enticing return that looks set to see them back on track.

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