Gang Of Four - 'This Heaven Gives Me Migraine'


Despite sadly passing away on the 1st February this year, Gang Of Four's Andy Gill was still hard at work on a new project. Taking influence from the band's own back catalogue, the record was intended to reimagine and revisit their own musical legacy, acting as a retrospective release that looked to create something new from something old. But while fate had different plans for Andy, he was still able to record a number of these contributions, which the band have now unveiled as the three-track EP 'This Heaven Gives Me Migraine', bookended by some spoken word speeches from Andy himself.

The sound of Gang Of Four has always been one that looked to transcend popular and cult appeal. Rather than look to their contemporaries for inspiration, they were largely seen as innovators of the late 1970s right through to the modern day, and this level of incomparable intent continues firmly on this new collection. While only three tracks of an originally larger body of work, 'This Heaven Gives Me Migraine' still manages to deliver a bold and exciting display of where the band could have headed in the near future, taking the progressive elements of their sound and expanding them with modern and diverse production efforts.

Andy Gill may no longer be with us but his need to create and explore new ideas was never out of his mind. This new EP may only be a brief glimpse into where he was as an artist in the days before his death, but it shows that he was always looking to offer up something enjoyable and engaging, and never looking to falter far from his own personal mission.

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