Getting To Know... Aaron Martyn

Since hitting the number 10 slot in the official club upfront charts in recent months, emerging singer and songwriter Aaron Martyn is now hoping to do it all again as he unveils his latest single 'Worse For Me'.

Channeling a mixture of 2-step and garage influences, 'Worse For Me' makes for a smooth but also energetic return for the artist. With his soft and subtle vocals running along a base of vibrant beats and solid production, his newest release is a bold and enticing new release that shows why so many are flocking to him lately.

So with the new single out now, we sat down with him to find out more about his origins and what has inspired him over the years.


What was the first instrument you fell in love with?

I love the piano and I’m getting around it slowly but surely. It gives me peace of mind.

What has been the most prominent inspiration behind your music so far?

Micheal Jackson has had a great influence on me in my younger years. Now I’m really into the UK Music scene, I think it’s really exciting. Watching artists like Stormzy setting trends is really inspiring.

What kind of music did you love as a teenager?

I’ve always loved pop/urban music. Whether it be Drake, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, and others.

Can you remember the first song that made you want to pursue a life in music?

I remember recording a cover of ‘Drakes’s - One Dance' when I was twelve years old. Having that experience and recording more really gave me the passion and hunger to be a successful artist.

Who are your favourite artists you have found yourself listening to at the moment?

I have found myself listening to Drake, Jack Harlow, The Weekend, Mabel and other acts similar.

How many of your songs have you written about people in your life?

I’ve written quite a few records that are personal to me. One of my records ‘Miss You’, was dedicated to my Nan who sadly passed away.

Outside of music, what is your biggest passion?

Outside of music, my other passion is Football. I grew up on it and I was playing professionally. I still get that excited feeling when I play, so I play on a team which helps keep my fitness up also.

If you weren’t a musician, what other path do you think you might have taken?

I would have carried on with my football career for sure!

And what advice would you give to other musicians looking to start a career in music?

Don’t let success go to your head and failure go to your heart. Have faith!


Aaron Martyn's new single 'Worse For Me' is available to stream and download now. Watch the new video for it in the player below.