Grandaddy - 'Last Place'


There was a time at the turn of the century when incredible psychedelic space-rock was pouring out of the US faster than we could keep up with it. Bands like The Flaming Lips, Pavement and of course, Grandaddy were riding a wave of acclaim and praise, and while the others began to either lose quality or fade away completely, Grandaddy simply took an extended break. Now after eleven years in the wilderness, they return with their fifth studio album 'Last Place'.

It is pretty amazing when you first press play on this new record. It is almost like a time-capsule of sound as it appears that they haven't changed one bit. The same keyboard-led compositions and swirling guitar licks remain a solid staple of this new record, yet somehow the ageing process hasn't affected their sound at all. Remaining just as likeable and engaging as ever, 'Last Place' could well be one of the best comeback records we have heard in years.

While their formative scene may be a distant memory now, Grandaddy's unique style still manages to hold itself up in an age that is filled with those that have taken inspiration from them. A wonderfully blissful release that we only hope is not the only one for another eleven years.

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