Green Day - 'Revolution Radio'


For whatever reason, Green Day have somehow become one of those bands that just keeps getting more and more popular. While the band's heyday is most certainly stuck in the 90s, their rejuvenation with the youth of today started with 'American Idiot' back in 2004. And while their releases since then have been largely forgotten, it seems like they've managed to rekindle that fire once again for 'Revolution Radio'.

And if you know Green Day and their political attitudes these days, you can imagine that much of this album's anger has been fuelled by the rise of Donald Trump. But aside from its clear messages throughout, musically they seem to want to return to those 90s pop punk sounds. Influences like The Offspring, Pennywise and Bad Religion are apparent throughout this release and it certainly doesn't like to see itself as a watered down record. In fact, this is probably Green Day's fastest and loudest album to date.

But don't expect an all-screaming, all-trashing break from character here. The record is still very much filled with that staple sound of sing-along choruses and slogan chants the band are mostly known for these days. But thankfully, with a strong target to take on this time, it seems to have brought the passion back into their music.

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