Grimes - 'Miss Anthropocene'


Ever since her earliest beginnings, Grimes has been this shapeshifting entity on the musical skyline, taking influence from numerous sources with a view not to imitate but to distort and deliver something far different from what anyone excepts of her. Yet despite being a truly prolific artist in her early years, releasing her first four studio albums within five years, she had been on a hiatus since 2015. Which became a time for her to reflect on herself and come to terms with the death of her longtime friend and manager Lauren Valencia. The resulting break has seen her return harder and darker than ever as 'Miss Anthropocene' marks the beginning of a new age for Grimes.

Her material has always had this brooding and pulsing edge to it, regular delving into a world of bleak and abstract ideas, but 'Miss Anthropocene' seems to see her plunge herself further than we have seen before. While it still features that same warming atmosphere, filled with eccentric and imaginative production, this new collection seems to have a far bigger identity to send than her previous records. Mixing in the crucial messages of climate change and appreciating your loved ones while you still have them makes for a more human experience as we now get to here her as a person with a voice rather than this extra-terrestrial being we are trying to decode.

Despite its diverse and multi-genred aesthetic, 'Miss Anthropocene' manages to flow and gel together better than most who have attempted this sound. With a progressive and ever-evolving feel to it, each track screams out to be heard over and over again, making for an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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