H Hawkline - 'In The Pink Of Condition'


Take the bonkers attitude of Ariel Pink and the multi-genred eccentricity of Beck and you've somehow ended up with H Hawkline. A relatively unknown Welsh frontman whose infectiously laid-back approach to songwriting has landed us with one of the most original and captivating albums of the year so far. With the occasional nod the psychedelic influence of mid-90s Britpop, 'In The Pink Of Condition' is a superb listen that is carving its own path into British music.

From the off, it is clear that this album isn't your run-of-the-mill singer-songwriter record. With its minimal instrumentation and production, the album focuses between Hawkline's catchy guitar playing and almost nonsense lyrical content. But despite it's intentions to distance itself from the listener's expectations, it becomes ever more intriguing with every song and in all, is a happy and refreshing release with all the hallmarks of artist who knows exactly what he wants to create.

It has a clear and focused direction which seems nothing more than the frontman's own left-of-centre personality spilled out into song. A great start to the year for this young songwriter who has clearly got some great ideas knocking around.

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