Happyness - 'Write In'


When Happyness released their debut album 'Weird Little Birthday', it was one of the most surprising releases of 2014. Despite having very little hype behind it, the record was filled with an eclectic blend of brooding guitar work and impeccable songwriting that landed it on many Albums Of The Year lists later on. Now after a few years on the road and in the studio, the trio are back with their eagerly-anticipated follow-up 'Write In'.

Much like their previous record, 'Write In' doesn't like to show its hand in the first few tracks. Like a warm bath, the album introduces you to some of the bands more sombre moments before kicking off later on. Yet while their debut had a very diverse feel to it, this time round the band seem to have focused themselves a little more when it comes to their musical direction. With a more minimal and sometimes piano-led sound, the album has a far more cohesive progression to it.

While I personally prefer the excitement of the first record, 'Write In' is not without its charms. With big bursts of sound like 'Bigger Glass Less Full' rubbing up against long, stung-out epics such as 'Victor Lazarro's Heart', the album does a great job at maintaining the audience's focus no matter where they intend to go next.

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