Hinds - 'The Prettiest Curse'


Throughout their career so far, Hinds have pitched themselves as a brash and usually unconventional group that has seen them adopt a punk aesthetic to everything they do. Their first two albums 'Leave Me Alone' and 'I Don't Run' were a heady mix of lo-fi rock and strong personalities that gave them an edge over almost everything else being released at that time. But as they return to deliver their third studio record 'The Prettiest Curse', the band admit that they have spent the last couple of years exploring more pop-led melodies as this new collection sees them embrace a more familiar and commercial direction.

But as this is Hinds, don't expect them to be fawning over lost loves or sweeping us off our feet with solemn ballads on this new release. In fact, those quirky and irreverent personas remain a strong staple of this new full-length, showing us that while their dynamic has changed, it is still the same four spontaneous individuals at the helm. And although this new guise may be seen as unchartered waters for them on the most part, 'The Prettiest Curse' finds them riding this wave of radio-friendly cuts with sheer confidence and abandon for anyone else's opinion of their decision, making for a refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable listen.

The one thing that Hinds have always been throughout their tenure is fun, and this new release never fails to remember that. From the very start, 'The Prettiest Curse' is designed to bring a bright and fixed smile to your face, and given the current state of 2020 so far, is something we could all do with right now.

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