HMLTD - 'Hate Music Last Time Delete'


After emerging at the end of last year with a select few singles that defined them as post-punk revivalists looking to take their cues from the gothic sounds of The Cure and Depeche Mode, HMLTD now return with their first EP release that already seems keen to see them try new ideas and adopt a more electronic direction in places, which almost further cements them as 80s new romantics in almost every way.

The new four-track 'Hate Music Last Time Delete', which may or may not be what their name stands for, is a quick blast of euphoric 80s-inspired electro-pop that sees them move away from their guitar-focused intentions of original single 'To The Door' and indulge their love of a more synthesised sound. Release highlights like 'Proxy Love' and 'Mannequin' take huge amounts of influence from the Pet Shop Boys and are almost seeing the group as a homage to those fondly remembered days in music.

This new material is definitely still far removed from their original work but very much keeping to the same theme throughout. 'Hate Music Last Time Delete' acts as a very good introduction to who they are as a group, and manages to pack a fair amount of punch into just four singles.

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