Idris Elba Presents: 'The Yardie Mixtape'


Over the last few years, it seems clear that there is nothing that Idris Elba can not do. After making a name for himself as an actor, the global phenomenon has since worked his way through the ranks as a DJ, rapper and producer, showing that while acting remains his focused talent, his passion lies firmly in the world of music. And with his directorial debut film 'Yardie' already out and about, Elba has now released 'The Yardie Mixtape', a selection of tracks both included in and inspired by the new film of which the actor makes plenty of additions on throughout.

With audio from the movie being sampled throughout this new collection, 'The Yardie Mixtape' aims to become a companion piece to the original film, although it could simply have been a separate release in its own right. Featuring contributions from the likes of Toddla T, Chip, Newham Generals and many more, the mixtape seems to be more about delivering a bold and energetic side to the British-born reggae sound than having much to do with the movie. The essence this release is more about showcasing the soundsystem culture that both Britain and Jamaica adopted in the 1980s, creating a solid and powerful mix of Jamaican and English soundclashes.

While Idris Elba's name appears in both the title and many of the tracks on here, he is only a small part of this new collection. Instead it looks to focus on delivering a slice of British musical history through the guise of contemporary acts and artists. 'The Yardie Mixtape' is less of a soundtrack and more of a highlighted subculture of sound, one that looks to bring back the soundsystem atmosphere to a new and younger audience.

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