Iggy Pop - 'Free'


Since his early beginnings in The Stooges, Iggy Pop has always looked to be seen as an enigma of the rock scene. Forever evolving and changing his character on record, the crooning frontman has spent the latter days of his career reinventing the public's perception of him with a string of diverse releases. His last full-length 'Post Pop Depression', recorded with Josh Homme at his Desert Rock Studios, was intended to be his final fanfare, but in true style of his brand, Iggy Pop has now returned to deliver another new collection in the form of 'Free', one that sees him grow even further into his unpredictable guise.

While 'Post Pop Depression' was seen as an excuse for him to get back to the raucous and hedonistic days of his youth, 'Free' sees like the singer growing into his ageing skin, creating a release that feels far more like a final farewell than his previous LP ever did. Much like what David Bowie looked to create with 'Blackstar', this new release sees him in a far more irreverent and experimental guise, exploring a multitude of diverse intentions that all look to add a new aesthetic to his ever-growing catalogue. Inspired by the exhaustion he now feels post-tour, this record feels like a strong departure from his usual output but one that still has this solid connect with the frontman.

Minimal and stripped-back in its production, 'Free' has this wonderfully intoxicating feel to it as Iggy Pop spends much of the release channeling the dark and meandering sounds of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, and pulls it off almost effortlessly. It may not be the blustering frenzy of guitars and drums we are used to, but still manages to pack plenty of punches when it can.

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