Incubus - '8'


Over the last two decades, Incubus have taken on many forms. From their initial rock-funk fusion of their early releases, through the harmonious and sobering sounds of their heyday, the band have never been ones to keep a formula going just to suit themselves. But with six years passed since their last studio album, the band return with their eighth full-length, helpfully titled '8', and show that they have moved on once again.

While the sound of this record was highly debated in the lead up to its release, mainly due to the last-minute addition of Skrillex in the production chair, fans of the band will be disappointed to know that '8' has neither the large, anthemic sound their producer is known for, nor does it have much to say in terms of songwriting. This rock-by-numbers record fails to produce anything of great interest and seems to be more comfortable going through the motions that every burnt-out rock band does.

The result is a flat and flaccid album that never really demands to be heard. With such a great back catalogue of tracks to date, you'd think that they would still have some magic left in the pot. But after so many years in the wilderness, it seems Incubus have become nothing more than a shadow of their former selves.

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