Interview: The Hunna

With an ever growing and extremely dedicated fan base behind them, Hertfordshire four-piece The Hunna have only just begun making their mark in the world of music- and with these guys, the sky is the limit. Highly addictive, relatable tracks like Bonfire and She's Casual, make it very understandable how they've created such a buzz in such a small amount of time. We had a chat to them ahead of their highly anticipated upcoming debut album...


Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us at Mystic Sons. How are you today?

Yeah we're great!


We got to see you performing at Barn On The Farm Festival this weekend. We really loved it! How did it go for you?

Thank you so much. Yeah, it was our first time at Barn On The Farm. The reaction from the crowd was amazing after coming back from the USA! A great way to kick off the festival season.


Could you tell me a little about how you guys formed the band and eventually got where you are today?

Dan and Ryan started a band when they were sixteen and have been writing and playing music together ever since. Jermaine knew Dan since year two at school and Jack was on the same college course studying music before he eventually joined us! We've been a four-piece for four years now, locked away in a rehearsal room working on our craft in secret until we launched nine months ago! It's been a crazy journey.


You’ve gathered a lot of very passionate fans for what some people consider to be a short amount of time. Why do you think some people have really connected to you and your music so quickly?

I feel like we speak about personal real life experiences that we've all been through. The songs all have meaning and story behind each one! It’s amazing to see how people can connect with the lyrics.


It seems to have been a pretty big year for you all, what’s been the highlight?

Yeah this year has been mental. We definitely have a lot of great memories so far. I'd have to say the Electric Ballroom show in London so far was the biggest milestone, playing to a sold out room of over a thousand people felt like a dream.


You’re playing the Kentish Town Forum in October, that’s huge! How are you feeling about the upcoming tour and the release of your debut album '100'?

So excited for all to come! It's going to be a busy end of the year. Getting to everything we've worked hard to build in action!


What can we expect from the album?