INTERVIEW: KAWALA set out their sights on the future

As one of the most intriguing new names on the scene, indie-pop duo KAWALA have already begun to make a name for themselves. With their infectious rhythms and catchy grooves, we just had to get them in and ask them a few questions about to find out who they were, what they have been up to, and where they see themselves going.


Hi guys, how are you today?

Absolutely fabulous! Thanks for asking.

For those that aren’t familiar with you yet, can you give us a quick idea of the kind of music you make?

That’s a hard one. It’s acoustic guitar and close two-part harmony based, but the sound is pretty big and even dancey at times. Say indie meets folk meets afrobeat...kind of.

You have been compared to Bombay Bicycle Club and Glass Animals on your last few singles. Would you say that is apt, or are there more influences that have come to define your sound?

These are two insanely flattering comparisons that we will gladly take! Bombay are a band fave for sure. Other influences are people like Half Moon Run and Paul Simon. In terms of guitar playing, there is no greater than John Martyn.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding your debut EP ‘D.I.L.Y.D.’, is this something you have been working towards for a while or have you had a blast of creativity these last few months?

The EP is a real mix of new songs and oldie goldies. ‘Funky’ for instance was one of the first songs we ever wrote. So that being released alongside newer tracks like ‘Do It Like You Do’, means we can’t wait to get it out now!

It has certainly been a fast rise for you two. So far, what has been the most showbiz experience you have had since you started the band?

Aha ooh. We’d have to say it’s something that is yet to happen. We got the news recently that we’ll be playing on the same stage as Sean Paul at RiZE fest this year. I think we can all agree that this is a dream for any young aspiring musician.

You have already played a bunch of great sets across numerous festivals already this year, but are there any that you are particularly looking forward to?

We absolutely can’t wait to headline the BBC Introducing show at the Lexington on 5th July. We love the venue and are over the moon that BBC have asked us to top the bill!

And while the EP is yet to drop, many bands usually look to the future at this point. Have you got any goals that you have set for yourself to achieve in the next few years?

We just want to get more music out, steadily increase the scale of our shows and hopefully break Japan as our drummer loves Japan. Also it’s always been a dream to get on Jools Holland (Jools, if you’re reading...).

And finally, it is said that you dropped out of Music College to start this band. If you hadn’t, what do you think you’d be doing now?

Aha in all honesty? We’d probably still be giving it a go with KAWALA but just horrifically crippled with student debt.


KAWALA's 'D.I.L.Y.D' EP will be available to stream and download from the 18th June, and they will be performing their next headline show for BBC Introducing at London's Lexington on the 5th July. Check out the new video for their single 'Funky' below.