Jamiroquai - 'Automaton'


Having provided one of the quintessential sounds of the 90s music scene, Jamiroquai never quite rebuilt their formative sound throughout the noughties, and after the release of their 2010 album 'Rock Dust Light Star', it seemed the band had given up all together. But after seven years in the spaced-out wilderness, Jay Kay and co. have returned with their eighth studio album 'Automaton', a record that doesn't really have the impact you would expect.

Regardless of the fact that Daft Punk already reestablished the electro-disco sound on their most recent release 'Random Access Memories', 'Automaton' just doesn't really have much to say on evolving that influence. Each track is either repetitive techno minimalism or a b-side direction from one of their older albums, neither of which make for a very compelling listen. It seems that in the seven years they have been gone, Jamiroquai have tried desperately to come back with a fresher sound, but just lack the conviction to see it through.

In all, 'Automaton' wasn't really worth the wait. What seems left of the band's unique selling point appears watered down and their attempts to rebuild themselves in a new image just aren't working for them. Hardly what people would have expected from them after so long.

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