Jekyll - 'The Whispering Gallery'


Since their earliest beginnings, Blackpool-based indie-rockers Jekyll have always looked to be the quintessential British band. With a string of EPs already under their belt and numerous comparisons to the likes of Radiohead, Muse, and Placebo, the group always looked like they were trying to walk in the footsteps of artists that had come before them. But with this new collection, it is clear that they have not only found a voice that they can call their own, but have taken their experiences and merged them with a broad and atmospheric direction to create a new collection that feels both fresh and distinctive.

From the very start of 'The Whispering Gallery', it is clear that the band are looking to impress. The opener 'The Escapist' has such a grand and ambitious feel to it, it is almost as if they have been working on every minute detail of the track for months. And it is that attention to detail that remains a theme on this new EP. Every new offering looks to see them push their sound as far as they can go, but always looking to maintain a level of originality and maturity within their sound, which gives them a welcoming style that separates them from all the carbon copies that litter the scene right now.

It may be the latest in a long line of releases from the outfit, but it feels like Jekyll have finally got a handle on the band they want to be and know exactly where they are going. 'The Whispering Gallery' may only be five tracks in length, but it showcases a depth of ideas that will surely serve them well in the years to come.

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