Jim James - 'Uniform Clarity'


It may seem like stripping down your original material in order to transform it into a completely new work is becoming the hot new trend right now, but for My Morning Runner frontman Jim James, it makes total sense. Returning earlier this year to share his latest solo album 'Uniform Distortion', the singer-songwriter has taken those extremely personal tracks and released as incredibly intimate serenades looking to warm your heart every step of the way.

This move is completely the right idea for someone like Jim James. His solo work has always looked to be a more minimal apparition when compared to his usual material within a band, and this new collection just adds that extra layer of understanding for the listener to really get under the skin of his compositions. Recorded in a very basic way with little to no added production, this new record not only highlights his stunning voice in even more context, but cements him as one of the most captivating singer-songwriters we have heard in years.

Those that enjoyed 'Uniform Distortion' will certainly be impressed with this new selection of reworks as the frontman swoons his way through each track, creating a beautifully effortless release in the process. Companion pieces are sometimes a large gamble but Jim James looks to have pulled this one off with sheer gusto and aplomb.

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