Jim James - 'Uniform Distortion'


In recent years, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James has proven himself as a far more prolific songwriter as a solo artist than he ever did as part of his formative group. Releasing his last studio album of original material, 'Eternally Even', in 2016 and his latest collection of covers, 'Tribute To 2', only last year, the frontman has returned once again with his latest solo effort and one that sees him truly define himself as a one-man entity.

Opening up with the brilliantly catchy 'Just A Fool', 'Uniform Distortion' is a wonderfully upbeat series of singles that shows him break off the shackles of his more lo-fi releases and unleash one infectiously fuzzed-out jam after another. The record manages to create this feeling of euphoria as it plays, keeping the energy high and the pretence sets firmly aside, James has looked to make this release nothing more than a slice of fun that almost anyone can find something to love about.

You can tell that he is having more fun than ever on 'Uniform Distortion', mainly from the genuine laughter he lets out while performing 'You Get To Rome'. It may seem like he has gotten to the point in his career where he can simply break loose and enjoy himself, which makes for a highly entertaining and loveable release.

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