Joe Goddard - 'Electric Lines'


For more than a decade, Joe Goddard has proven himself to be one of the most impressive and intriguing electronic producers in the UK today. Whether it be his work with Hot Chip, The 2 Bears or even his own solo material, you can always expect a level of quality through the use of subtle layers and rhythms within all his music. Now returning with his first solo full-length release since 2009's 'Harvest Festival', the beatmaker has shown his true colours when it comes to conceiving a diverse and progressive record.

Unlike a lot of his previous solo material, which usually had this 3am-club feel to it, 'Electric Lines' seems more interesting in creating a fusion of sounds that focus more on the higher frequencies than his normally bass-led work. With a strong call back to the multi-instrument sounds of disco and funk, the album manages to bring a lot of heart and soul to the traditional Goddard sound, resulting in a rich and engaging release.

There are tracks like 'Home' and 'Lose Your Love' that display this new direction perfectly. Taking a classic sound and revamping it for a contemporary listener is the hallmark of 'Electric Lines', and once again shows us exactly why Joe Goddard is such a treasured producer.

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