The Joy Formidable - 'Hitch'


Arriving three years after the trio's sophomore release 'Wolf's Law', The Joy Formidable are back with their latest full-length 'Hitch', an album with an almighty precedent to overcome. The Welsh rockers have been considered one of the best outfits in UK rock music from the past decade and it looks like this new record will become a testament to continuing that legacy.

Opening up with the anthemic 'A Second In White', it seems that the three-piece haven't lost that raucous approach. Rattling drums and booming guitar riffs scatter this new release as they build a record that seems bigger than they've ever been. The ante has been upped for 'Hitch' and while it may not have the same instant recall as their previous works, it is certainly a full-bodied and wonderful return from this group.

It is quite incredible to see a band reach album number three and not see the quality drastically drop off in any way. Bringing the anthemic rock back once again, and delivering yet another slice of powerful wonderment in the process.

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