Kate Tempest - 'The Book Of Traps And Lessons'


Since the release of her wonderful debut album 'Everybody Down' in 2014, there have been few artists that can celebrate the level of critical praise that Kate Tempest has been able to achieve over the years. With her first two studio albums having been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, the London-based poet now returns with her third studio effort 'The Book Of Traps And Lessons', continuing the thought-provoking stance that the frontwoman has always looked to purvey with a unique and engaging political voice.

While she is by no means the first poet to adopt a musical orientation, she is most definitely the most popular artist to be working in the scene today, and that is largely down to the uncompromising and impassioned tone she creates behind all of her messages. Whether she focuses herself on societal problems or more personal inflictions, 'The Book Of Traps And Lessons' plays as an unending preach to the state of the world today. While her last full-length 'Let Them Eat Chaos' came in the wake of Trump and Brexit, this new effort sees her in a more despondent light, but one that looks to find the small flickers of optimism still left in this world.

It is by far her most minimal record, with little to no production behind her for much of the release. But despite all the doom and gloom she looks to harness, 'The Book Of Traps And Lessons' still looks to end each song with a glimmer of hope in order to keep both her and the listener sane. Another bold and emotionally-filled release that continues to cement Kate Tempest as one of our nation's best artists.

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