King Princess - 'Cheap Queen'


Since the release of her breakout single '1950' last year, Brooklyn-based frontwoman Mikaela Straus has found herself going from strength to strength ever since. With a flurry of preview tracks arriving in the wake of this new album's release, we were slowly being treated to a wave of bold and dynamic cuts that showcased her as a chameleon of alternative pop music. So after months of waiting, she finally unveils her long-awaited new full-length 'Cheap Queen', a record that explores the broad and multifaceted approach that she has been curating these last few years.

Opening up with the impassioned 'Touch On Myself', a track that conjures up the same flow as Lizzo's 'Jerome', we quickly begin to understand that she is an artist that never likes to stand still for too long. Just as soon as we feel comfortable with what she is producing, she flips up the direction and takes us down a path we weren't expecting. As a result, we enjoy a diverse and eclectic journey throughout this new album, listening to the artist tackle a range of hip-hop-inspired beats, acoustic-led serenades, and atmospheric soundscapes with such ease, it feels like she has been doing this for far longer than she has.

The most refreshing thing about this new collection is that no matter how much you have enjoyed before now, there are still plenty of surprises on here. 'Cheap Queen' is more than just an introduction. It is a repertoire of ideas that she identifies with, giving us a bold and exciting release that rarely falters or stumbles.

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