Laura Marling - 'Semper Femina'


When you have been producing quality music as long as Laura Marling has, there will obviously times when artists would want to put themselves on auto-pilot when conceiving a new album. Falling back on the formula of success from previous works in order to appease their loyal fanbase. And while Laura's music has certainly found its niche over the years, that hasn't stopped her trying new things as her latest full-length 'Semper Femina' proves.

Opening with the blissfully dark 'Soothing', the record instantly makes you aware that this isn't simply another folk album from one of the country's best, but a branched out separation of ideas and new experiences. Each track seems to be its own self-contained journey, creating not only a diverse listening experience, but also a collection that manages to maintain interest throughout. Which is very impressive when you realise the average length of each song sits roughly around the five-minute mark.

It is clear that Marling has been on the search for a new sound in the process of writing this album, but rather than fixate on one, we are treated to a smorgasbord of style and flair. Giving us a whole new side to her disposition, and witness her evolve from those modest girl-with-a-guitar days.

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