Leisure - 'Twister'


After the release of their well-received 2016 self-titled debut album, New Zealand-based outfit LEISURE wasted absolutely no time in getting their latest material out into the world. With singles like ‘Feeling Free’ and ‘Money’ arriving as far back as 2017, the band have spent the last two years sporadically recording their latest full-length in and around their intensive tour dates, using their time on the road and locations they visited as the inspiration behind this long-awaited return.

But despite its untethered and loose recording principles, ‘Twister’ has this very succinct feel to it. With a strong leaning towards their psych-pop influences, this new collection sees them take charge of the sound they sculpted on their initial release and run with it as far as it can go. This leaves their latest album with a fresh and full aesthetic that sees them take full advantage of their production prowess and leave us with an exceptional and enjoyable return.

While the psychedelic sound has proven exceedingly popular throughout New Zealand in the last decade or so, there are not too many groups that have managed to pull it off as cohesively as LEISURE. A solid and proficient return with all the hallmarks of a band who still have plenty more to give.

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