Little Dragon - 'Season High'


After delivering one of their most accessible and engaging albums 'Nabuma Rubberband' back in 2014, Little Dragon have now returned with their fifth full-length 'Season High'. A record that manages to bring back their eccentricity, but lacks in the excitement that has made their previous works such a joy to hear.

The sound of Little Dragon can be briefly summed up as an electro-pop outfit, but what made them stand out in the past was their left-of-centre approach to both production and songwriting. And while many of those quirks still make a presence on this new record, much of the album seems to slip into unmemorable territory. While it does have some stand-out moments, mostly the sudden screeching guitar work in the peak of 'Celebrate', 'Season High' just doesn't have the same instant grab we have gotten used to from them.

In small doses, this new release does manage to entertain in places, but it just never seems like record you would want to come back to again after listening to it all the way through. And while I don't think the band are out of ideas yet, this is certainly not up to their usual standards.

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