Lxury - 'Playground' EP


As house music continues its domination of the contemporary and commercial music scene, it has allowed a number of under-the-radar and unconventional producers to break into a wider audience and generate a greater interest in the scene as a whole. One of these left-of-centre producer is London-based Andy Smith AKA Lxury, who has been on a steady rise since the release of his breakthrough single 'J.A.W.S.' Now looking to cement his status as one of the most forward-thinking producers in the UK, the youngster delivers his 'Playground' EP, which sets to break apart the conventions of his chosen genre and give us a truly unique perspective of its potential.

While 'J.A.W.S.' made its way up the public interest chart through its instantly identifiable yet brash synth lines and awkward offbeat production, this new EP tends to focus more on the latter but with a more reigned in feel. If you are already familiar with his work, then you will probably be surprised that this new release isn't as experimental as you'd think. While its opener and title-track 'Playground' plays with half-time pace and a creepy child vocal sample, the EP slowly starts to revert to a simple yet mellow production style. Culminating with 'Permanent Power', a far more basic track but with all the hollowed charm of its predecessors.

Lxury has been a one to watch for some time but it seems that this EP is a template to show exactly who he is and what you can expect from him. Its diversity expertly demonstrates the level of skill this young producer has and sets himself up as future star in the making.

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