Mac DeMarco - 'This Old Dog'


When Mac DeMarco released his sophomore full-length 'Salad Days' back in 2014, we honestly couldn't get enough of it. The sheer charm and brilliance of his work was palpable throughout every track and we all knew that this guy was going to become something very special. Fast forward three years and while his profile hasn't really receded since those days, Mac is back with his third studio album 'This Old Dog', and shows us that he hasn't really changed.

While 'Salad Days' had this youthful energy about it, this new release sees the laid-back songwriter adopt a more sobering direction. The title of the record may have been a clue as to where this album was heading, but despite its more sombre intentions, there are still plenty of toe-tapping moments on here. 'This Old Dog' is a soundtrack to the beach bum lifestyle, nothing but catchy grooves and humble rhythms throughout.

It certainly brings back a lot of memories when 'Salad Days' was our backdrop to those sunny days in 2014, but just like any good artist, he has managed to evolve his sound without rejecting his core style. Giving us something just as enjoyable but with a fresh twist thrown in.

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