Mahalia - 'Love & Compromise'


It feels that these days, artists are taking longer and longer to release their debut albums. In this digital age, the idea of smaller, more frequent bursts of new music is a far more manageable way to exist in the music scene. But with so much hype behind some of these acts, the demand for a full-length release can become all too real, and so begins the hype train. So after years of dropping one impressive release after another, Mahalia finally crosses the first major milestone of her career with her debut LP 'Love & Compromise', a record that looks to pay homage to the personal and professional sides to her persona.

While she has always looked to play up to her audience, offering an array of powerful and anthemic singles in recent times, we need to remember that she is still 21 years old, and will obviously have the same emotions and feelings that any coming-of-age adult would have. Bleeding its way into each of these new offerings, the record flips back and forth between a strong and powerful warrior and a far more vulnerable and open young woman who is just looking for her place in the world. This juxtaposition of tones gives the record an extremely bold and diverse aesthetic, giving us snapshots of her own personality in various environments, leading to an eclectic and wildly enjoyable debut.

It may have been a long time coming, but 'Love & Compromise' cements Mahalia as one of the most exciting new artists of 2019. We have heard her talents in easy to manage portions in the past, but hearing everything packed together really brings leverage to her aesthetic, giving us a fresh and vibrant new collection that confirms every assumption we had about her.

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