Maximo Park - 'Risk To Exist'


When marking the 10th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album 'A Certain Trigger' back in 2015, Maximo Park were struggling creatively. Their then latest album 'Too Much Information' lacked a lot of the band's raw energy and excitement, leading to rumours that the time had come for the band to finally call it a day. However it seems revisiting those old gems has brought life back into the band with the release of their sixth studio album 'Risk To Exist'.

It may not sound much like any of their initial singles, but the focus and ability to write engaging and enjoyable songs is back with aplomb as the group look to take on a more groove-laden direction. Less of the high-pace antics and more subtle riffs have become the hallmark of Maximo Park's latest material, delivering an album that not only delights the ears musically, but also isn't afraid to tackle current events. Most notably the refugee crisis on its title-track.

This seems like a Maximo Park who have finally found their feet again. With a solid collection of great tracks that manage to bring more to the table than to simply become another throwaway indie anthem, 'Risk To Exist' has brought a new swagger to the band's arsenal; one that should prove them well for some time.

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