Mercury Music Prize 2017: Who we're rooting for

For 25 years, the Mercury Music Prize has been held in the highest esteem for musicians and industry workers alike. Filtering out the noise of the commercial scene, the prize is given to the British act that a select panel of judges believe is the best of the last 12 months. But given that previous winners usually go on to sell far more records than they did before the award, the judges like to break the predictions that many of the bookies have about any possible predictions and award those that they feel deserve more attention. With that in mind, we have decided to break down each nomination and try to figure out exactly who we think should walk away with this year's trophy.

alt-j - 'Relaxer'

As a previous winner of the Mercury Prize, the chances of alt-J walking away with it again seem slim at this stage. The Prize has only ever been given out twice to the same artist once in its history, and considering the mixed reaction the band received for their latest release, it is not looking likely to happen again this year.

Personal Odds: 30/1

Blossoms - 'Blossoms'

Blossoms had a cracking year with the release of their debut album and many may see it in with a chance of taken home the prize this year. But while they are critically adored, there are some that may see their success as a reason not to give them much more. I reckon it is in with a chance but there is a lot of stiff competition for them.

Personal Odds: 10/1

Dinosaur - 'Together, As One'

Every year, the Mercury Prize panel like to nominate an oddball, left-of-field act, purely to give attention to an otherwise ignored outfit. This year, they chose Dinosaur, a jazz quartet from the Hampshire area. But sadly, no matter how good this curveball nominees are, they never win and sadly this will probably be the case for Dinosaur as well.

Personal Odds: 50/1

Ed Sheeran - '÷'

We are still scratching our heads over this one. While Ed Sheeran is obviously a popular act, his latest release '÷' was unanimously panned by most major critics. Even fans of his work admit that this is far from his best material, so his only appearance on the list may simply be to add some mainstream appeal. But we all know, it doesn't stand a chance.

Personal Odds: 100/1

Glass Animals - 'How to Be a Human Being'

This album was by far one of the best of last year. Since the release of 'How To Be A Human Being', Glass Animals have found themselves with an ever-growing fanbase and rightly so. We would love for the Mercury to go to them, but given the names it is up against, it'll be a very tall order.

Personal Odds: 5/1

J Hus - 'Common Sense'

J Hus has proven himself to be one of the big crossover acts of the year. Appealing to both the underground and commercial RnB scene, the rapper has managed to create quite a buzz about him. And although he seems to not need the attention of the prize, there is something about his nomination that could actually see him walk away with it.

Personal Odds: 5/1

Kate Tempest - 'Let Them Eat Chaos'

After being nominated for her incredible debut album 'Everybody Down' a few years back, Kate Tempest returned last year with the equally good 'Let Them Eat Chaos'. At the time of her first nomination, we were hoping she would be the surprise winner and that is exactly how we feel again this year. Who knows, she definitely deserves the recognition.

Personal Odds: 8/1

Loyle Carner - 'Yesterday’s Gone'

As one of the best debut albums of the year so far, Loyle Carner's nomination got us very excited. His new album is an honest and raw release that has spurred many young rappers to take his cue to create diverse and more interesting music. A definite favourite for us.

Personal Odds: 3/1

Sampha - 'Process'

While Sampha has been around for many years, writing and featuring alongside some of the biggest names in the world, his debut album 'Process' only arrived earlier this year. And it by far one of the best overall releases we have heard so far. The man is a songwriting god and deserves the recognition of winning this year.

Personal Odds: 2/1

Stormzy - 'Gang Signs & Prayer'

Stormzy has had an incredible year so far. His debut album became one of the fastest selling releases of 2017 so far and has managed to please not only the grime community but the commercial world as well. Given that though, we don't think he'll be walking away with the prize this year. After Skepta's surprise win last year, there aren't too many that believe a grime act will take it home again this year.

Personal Odds: 20/1

The Big Moon - 'Love in the 4th Dimension'

One of the biggest surprise nominations this year was for The Big Moon, not because it wasn't a good album, but simply because it didn't get the recognition it deserved. Maybe that is why we are seeing them here, and while they are a favourite of ours, we aren't sure about whether they could beat some of the competition on this year's list.

Personal Odds: 10/1

The xx - 'I See You'

As another previous winner of the Prize on this year's list, The xx are in the same boat as alt-J when it comes to the likelihood of winning a second time. However their new album is a masterclass of production and songwriting, and if anyone is good enough to join PJ Harvey as the second joint winner, it'll be them.

Personal Odds: 3/1

The Mercury Music Prize takes place on Thursday 14th September at London's Eventim Apollo. Live television and radio coverage of the ceremony will come from BBC Four and BBC 6Music. For more info, visit