Misty Miller - 'The Whole Family Is Worried'


While new fans to Misty Miller will know her as the twenty-something punk queen we see today, her origins were as a quaint and peaceful teenage vocalist. Obviously her rebellious spell has gotten the better of her as looking between the two guises, you would hardly believe them to be the same person. It is probably the reason behind this new title 'The Whole Family Is Worried' and a statement that Miller is finally in control of what music she really wants to make.

We knew this album was going to pop when we got a taste through single 'Happy' last year. With its catchy pretence yet angst-ridden position, 'Happy' was the perfect ignition to intrigue any listening ear, which is why it probably sits as track 1 on this release. The record however maintains a solid level of interest throughout and shows that the once frustrated songwriter finally has an outlet for her chosen direction, making sure that nothing is half-cocked on this new release.

It is refreshing to see an artist turns themselves around and still maintain a loyal fanbase. Old fans of Misty Miller may not like the new her but that doesn't matter to her or us. 'The Whole Family Is Worried' is one of the standout UK rock records of the year so far and a great beginning to the new her.

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