MTV Unplugged is coming back, so let's get nostalgic

Along with the news that MTV is planned to bring back their flagship chart-based chat show TRL in the coming weeks, the network is also reviving its critically-acclaimed Unplugged series. The show, that originally ran from 1987 to 2000, was revered as one of its more high-brow music shows on the channel. Focusing on inviting established acts and asking them to strip back their songs and perform them in an intimate and acoustic setting. The new series has already announced performances from Shawn Mendes and Bleachers, with Lorde and Carly Rae Jepsen as supporting guests, but rather than talk about what it would be like to bring it back, we thought it would be better to simply remember these classic moments from the show. So for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy our hand-picked greatest hits of MTV Unplugged.

The Cranberries - 'Zombie'

Chris Issak - 'Wicked Game'

Alanis Morissette - 'Ironic'

REM - 'Losing My Religion'

Pearl Jam - 'Black'

Radiohead - 'Creep'

Foo Fighters - 'My Hero'

The Cure - 'Just Like Heaven'

Seal - 'Kiss From A Rose'

Nirvana - 'All Apologies'