Mura Masa - 'Mura Masa'


For the last two years, Guernsey-born producer Mura Masa aka Alex Crossan has been one of the most talked about names in modern electronic music. After first proving his worth being named as a finalist in the BBC Sound Of 2016, the beatmaker has been steadily sharing one forward-thinking production after another one, all leading up to this moment, the unveiling of his self-titled debut album.

With tracks lifted from his debut EP 'Firefly' also making an appearance in the tracklist, 'Mura Masa' has been treated more of an anthology of his work to date rather than contemporary collection of his current jams. Normally this would interfere with the record's pacing, but given he has such a unique and progressive style of production, the album happily moves from track to track, unleashing one fresh banger over and over again.

Although much of this album was shared in advance, so most fans of his work will know what to expect, it is only once you hear it all in one place that it truly impresses you. More than 18 months in the making, 'Mura Masa' has delivered a truly spectacular debut that will no doubt be filling up Best Of 2017 lists later in the year.

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