My Morning Jacket - 'The Waterfall'


Four years since the release of their empathic and well-received studio album 'Circuital', My Morning Jacket have returned to deliver their seventh studio album 'The Waterfall'. And on the first listen, this new material seems to have a more retrospective angle than some of their more recent works, coupling their formative sound with some of their more experimental releases of the last few years.

It seems that the band have attempted to rediscover their roots on this new album, helping to give it a more nostalgic and familiar appeal. The long-winding soundscapes of early albums like 'At Dawn' and 'It Still Moves' form the base on this new full-length, but their irreverent influences are what give this material its unique approach and the result is a positive yet focused collection of tracks that hold themselves together with an incredible level of grace and elegance.

While 'The Waterfall' will most certain appeal to long-time fans of the band, it is also a good snapshot for others to get an overall sense of what they are. They have managed to fit the last 15 year's worth of self-discovery into one 10-track outing and sum up exactly who they are as a band.

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