Naomi Punk - 'Television Man'


When you think of grunge bands from Seattle, the obvious comparison to Nirvana will always come to mind, but Noami Punk aren't looking to be compared to their musical forefathers. And while you will still get a long-haired blonde thrashing away on his guitar at the front of the band, that is as far as the similarities go. Rather than create a never-ending drone of self-obsession and in-your-face noise, Naomi Punk compose short, sharp jabs of intense rock music that gives them an all together new sound that seems to allow them to break away from their expected stereotypes.

Their latest album 'Television Man' is a jolting but mostly harmonious release that seems to mirror the overall feeling of angst that original grunge bands were trying to create. But they have done so by adding more to the simple structure of the genre and allowing diversity within their sound in order to deliver an album that shows great depth and interest throughout. The album is littered with instrumental tracks that experiment with addition instruments and encourage you to really feel the music they are producing to prevent the record from ever going stale.

It is confident release no doubt, but still lacks the full magic of a band who have honed their sound to a tee. You may grow to love it in time but will find it hard to enjoy after just one listen.

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