Space Electric - 'Lose It Completely'

Norwegian outfit take influence from Queens Of The Stone Age on this thunderous alt-rock stomper

The Goldhearts - 'Beach Butts'

Australian outfit keep our toes tapping with this bright and uplifting surf-rock jam, with shades of Best Coast

Adrian Habich - 'Don't You Know That I'm'

German singer-songwriter keeps it breezy with this light and upbeat indie-rock delight

Joel James Live - 'A Little Heavy On The Nevermind'

Australian frontman brings back the summer sun on this bright and soaring pop-rock gem

Briskey - 'I Will Be Here'

Australian producer showcases his new EP with this bright and bouncing alt-pop delight

JVLY - 'tacenda' (daste. remix)

Australian producers rework this breezy alt-pop release into a bouncing disco-inspired groove

ZIMA - 'Memories'

Swiss producer looks to keep summer alive on this sweet and soaring electronic stomper

Luna Grey - 'Big Boys'

Emerging frontwoman unveils this bold and bouncing slice of glossy hip-hop

Gone Sugar Die - 'Eyeliner'

US outfit channel the same soaring sound as FIDLAR for their latest pop-rock stunner

Kiwi Jr. - 'Undecided Voters'

Canadian outfit bring the same art-punk feel as Art Brut to their latest catchy release

Saint Raymond - 'Wide Eyed Blind'

British frontman previews his new album with this broad and euphoric pop-rock gem

Mesadorm - 'Take Me To A Place'

British outfit blend Caribou-esque production with a Kate Bush swagger on this distinctive new single

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