Anastasia Max - 'Dirty'

US duo return with a broody rock stomper in the guise of The Dead Weather

Something Like A Monument - 'Crimson Smoke'

US outfit return with another raucous rock anthem

Goldenspiral - 'The Reckoning' ft. Alicia Talia

US producer returns with another haunting yet progressive beat, with nods to Ibeyi

Black Beach Baby - 'This Is The Day'

Swedish shoegazers get romantic on this downbeat swoon

Akello G Light - 'Elementary Spirits Speaking To Children'

US producer shares another brilliantly glitchy hip-hop-inspired beat

Earth To Spaceman - 'StarRunner'

US frontman delivers a wonderfully upbeat indie-pop release, with nods to Daft Punk

Nikita - 'We Are A Wave'

US outfit bring us a delightfully catchy, funk-laced rhythm

Sandy Scribbles - 'Nothing But Love'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Alessia Cara on this groove-laided new release

HINDU - 'Brighton'

Ukranian dream-pop artist rekindle the 80s synth-pop sound on this road trip-ready release

Joel Stanton - 'In A Pinch'

US frontman takes us on a dreamlike journey with his latest swooning serenade

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