Tronikk - 'Shapes Are Shifting'

Swedish outfit bring a bolder and harder production to their latest neo-soul belter

Zimbru - 'Little Creatures'

Romanian outfit channel the euphoric sound of The Japanese House with this uplifting electro-pop delight

Prospa - 'Control The Party'

British production outfit take influence from the classic rave sound for this club-thumping electronic stomper

The Crowleys - 'Clarice'

Canadian outfit take influence from The Flaming Lips with this bold and shimmering psych-rock jam

404 - 'Blind Spot'

London-based outfit bring the same abstract tones as Hot Chip to their latest neo-soul groove

Relativity - 'Last Stop'

US outfit unleash the same riff-heavy attitude as Royal Blood on their latest alt-rock stomper

Wyatt Blair - 'Fear To Fight'

US frontman previews his new EP with this fun and lively ode to the hair-metal sound

Giant Party - 'I Know You're Gonna Let Her Down'

London-based outfit take their cues from Arcade Fire with this bold and pulsing indie-rock gem

Run River North - 'Okay Cool'

US outfit channel the irreverent sound of Tune-Yards for this fresh and upbeat psych-pop groove

Waylen Roche - 'Florida'

US frontman unveils his beautifully dulcet voice on this warm and sweeping piano-led croon

The Crawling Eye - 'Poison Arrow'

British outfit send us back to the early 90s with this Happy Mondays-inspired psych-rock jam

Indigo State - 'By The Rays Beaming Down From The Sun'

US outfit deliver a bold and exciting indie-rock stomper, with shades of Weezer

Wheezebox - 'Unknown'

Finnish outfit unleash the killer riffs on this fresh and explosive alt-rock belter, with hints of Royal Blood

Yung Heazy - 'Kool Musik'

Canadian frontman brings the same woozy tones as Ariel Pink to his latest bedroom-pop release

Laurin Biersack - 'Dinge Mit Dir' ft. Tesz & Steven Orb

German outfit blend a sweeping RnB direction with disco-esque vibes on this sultry new jam

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