Gypsy Circus - 'A Place To Stay'

British outfit channel the emotional flow of Frightened Rabbit for this atmospheric indie-rock swoon

Robotaki - 'Los Angeles'

Canadian producer delivers a bold and uplifting slice of electronica, with hints of The Avalanches

Alfie Neale - 'Elevator'

British frontman delivers a heavy dose of soul with this bright and brass-filled new jam, with hints of Leon Bridges

DYVR - 'Louder'

British frontman takes influence from James Blake with this sweeping and ethereal new single

Seafret - 'Love Won't Let Me Leave'

British duo preview their next album with this rich and soaring acoustic-led serenade

Kyra Mastro - 'Tread Lightly'

Canadian frontwoman brings the same dark tones as Billie Eilish to her latest electro-pop croon

No Time For Reason - 'Catfish'

British outfit bring the same energetic vibe as The Hives to their latest garage-rock anthem

Visc - 'Eater Of Things'

US outfit take influence from Queens Of The Stone Age with this riff-heavy alt-rock stomper

The Pre-Amps - 'Doesn't Change'

British outfit take their retro cues from The Kinks for this brass-filled slice of psych-pop

CAii - 'Probelm.'

British frontwoman returns with another bold and euphoric electro-pop gem, with shades of Halsey

GOLDEN - 'Unaccountable'

US frontwoman showcases her debut mixtape with this warm and sweeping alt-pop swoon

re:tract - 'Immutable'

British producer channels the wistful flow of Bonobo for this broad and atmospheric electronic groove

Alanna Vullo - 'Breathless'

Australian frontwoman takes influence from Bat For Lashes with this sweeping and soaring piano-led swoon

Sinqa - 'She Said'

French producer previews his debut EP with this bouncing and psychedelic new release, with hints of Glass Animals

MeMe Detroit - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind'

British frontwoman takes her cues from Wolf Alice with this driven and pulsing alt-rock stomper

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