Alembia - 'Continuum'

Swedish outfit bring psych-rock to an electronic base on this wistful new single

Coyle Girelli - 'The Lights'

US frontman showacses his Christmas EP with this fulfilling and festive swoon, with hints of Father John Misty

Sara Diamond - 'Colors'

Canadian frontman continues her pursuit of forward-thinking RnB with this sultry and warped new release

Lanikai - 'Windfall'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from Cat Power for this thumping and euphoric indie-rock delight

Cairophenomenons - 'Tiger Tiger'

Japanese outfit channel the wisftul sound of Tame Impala for this groove-filled psych-rock thumper

Tiggi Hawke - 'Alibi'

British frontwoman adds elements of DnB into her latest electro-pop stomper

Eloise - 'TTCL'

London-based singer-songwriter warms our soul with this heartfelt, RnB-inspired swoon

Be Forest - 'Atto I'

Italian outfit take influence from the post-punk and post-rock sounds for this dark and brooding new release

Cold Bath - 'Common Days'

Swiss outfit preview their next album with this gloriously uplifting indie-rock groove, with hints to Two Door Cinema Club

Fort Gorgeous - 'Wishing Well'

US outfit bring a wistful side to the alt-rock sound with this anthemic new release

Sense - 'First Time'

French outfit blend electro-pop with an avant-garde angle for this Passion Pit-inspired thumper

Jungo - 'Electric Baby'

New York-based frontman channels his inner David Byrne for this groove-filled indie-pop cut

Touch Tunnel - 'Becoming What We're Running From'

US outfit bring some strong electronics to their latest thunderous post-punk release

Sticky Fingers - 'Loose Ends'

Australian outfit preview their next album with this indie-rock / dub hybrid, with nods to the Britpop era

All Types Of Kinds - 'Lucky One'

US outfit bring some strong harmonies to this humbling folk-pop swoon, with hints of The Lumineers

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