Streets Of Roya - 'Prisoner'

Swiss singer-songwriter serenades us with this humble new release

Georgia Meek - 'Bare'

British frontwoman gets anthemic on this enormous-sounding pop ballad

Newmen - 'Delay'

German outfit channel the post-modern dance sound of Hot Chip on their latest dancefloor filler

Jamie Cruickshank - 'Loserville'

British singer-songwriter opens up with this wonderfully composed serenade, filled with a strong folk influence

Dish Pit - 'Trash Queen'

British outfit keep the DIY sound alive with this tenacious garage-rock jam

Analogue Spirit - 'Breeze'

US outfit channel the garage-rock sound of The Strokes on this uptempo jam

Francis - 'All I Want'

Swedish outfit return with this humble indie-rock release, with nods to The War On Drugs

Jailbox - 'Angels In The Fog'

US outfit return with another soaring, ethereal swoon, with nods to Fleet Foxes

Doug DeLuca - 'Put Me Away'

US frontman previews his new EP with another soul-filled groove

Yeyo - 'Javier'

Ukrainian outfit channel the experimental nature of Bjork on this eccentric new jam

Caravela - 'Ski'

US outfit channel the energy of Ryan Adams on this raucous indie-rock jam

Low Cut High Tops - 'Typical'

US frontman delivers a fantastic dose of DIY-punk on this anthemic new release

JJ Byars - 'Toys'

US indie-folk outfit deliver a wonderfully euphoric and slow-burning jam, with hints of Radiohead

Feel Alright - 'Cool Water'

Canadian frontman gets tranquil on this beautifully quaint indie-rock swoon

The Dekkoes - 'Said It'

British outfit return with another Britpop-inspired swoon

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