Smok-Mon - 'Serotonin'

Swedish producer unveils a wonderfully bliss and laid-back production

Weslee - 'Boy Like You'

British electro-pop outfit return with another blissfully serene cut

The Big Pink - 'How Far We've Come'

Anthemic rockers return with another shoegaze-inspired release

Rupe Shearns - 'Reward'

US frontman collaborates with Grizzly Bear's Christopher on this bouncing new single

Louis Samson - 'Forever'

Danish frontman returns with another forward-thinking RnB jam

Anteros - 'Love'

Fast-rising UK outfit return with another catchy pop-rock anthem

Safe To Swim - 'Boyfriend'

British indie-rock outfit channel the likes of Sundara Karma on their latest single

drklbu - 'Short Light'

Australian frontwoman brings the same ethereal energy as Bjork to her latest release

Shyla Buff - 'An Indication'

US frontman takes us on a indie-pop journey, inspired by Two Door Cinema Club

Matt Hartke - 'Sign Me Up'

US singer-songwriter shares a blissful upbeat, pop-rock stomper

Modern Youth - 'Pretty Eyes'

US outfit deliver a wonderfully serene soundscape, with hints of The War On Drugs

Danny Matos - 'Small Ones'

US MC returns with another emotional, truth-filled flow

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