Charmless I - 'Sweet Love Gravitation'

Dutch outfit return with a bold and uplifting pop-rock belter, inspired by the Britpop sound

Earthquake Lights - 'The Eight-One'

New York-based outfit preview their debut album with this sweeping, jazz-inspired indie-rock gem

Adam Baldwin - 'Salvation'

Canadian frontman follows in the footsteps of The Black Keys with this thunderous blues-rock stomper

Alice Phoebe Lou - 'Galaxies'

South African frontwoman showcases her forthcoming full-length with this chilled and blissful Kate Bush-inspired swoon

Couch Jackets - 'Bongwater Feels'

US outfit bring the same atmospheric indie-rock sound as American Football to their latest soaring single

Tamu Massif - 'Milksop'

British producer previews his debut album with another warm and wistful chillwave-inspired groove

Ariela Jacobs - 'Saviour'

Australian singer-songwriter delivers a bright and uplifting pop serenade, with nods to Sigrid

PLNT9 - 'Meant To Run'

US outfit bring the same tenacious energy as Queens Of The Stone Age to their latest rock belter

Saint Mesa - 'Throne'

US outfit preview their next EP with this dark and thunderous indie-rock thumper

Rasharn Powell - 'Warm In These Blue Jeans'

London-based producer brings the funk on this pulsing neo-soul-inspired groove

Claire Ridgely - ''Til The Morning'

Canadian frontwoman previews her new EP with this smooth and upbeat pop delight

Paige Stark - 'Depression Song'

LA-based frontwoman introduces herself with this soft and humbling alt-pop debut, with hints of Bat For Lashes

Sunbathers - 'Bare'

Baltimore-based outfit add a touch of funk to their latest pop-rock thumper, taken from their upcoming EP

MINKA - 'Rollerblades'

US outfit take influence from Prince for this retro-sounding funk-pop groove

DeadTedJ - 'Juwan Howard Shimmy Hook'

US producer takes his cues from Jamie xx for this warped and pulsing hip-hop-inspired beat

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