Preston Lovinggood - 'Taken In The Night'

US frontman returns with another bright and vibrant indie-rock belter, with hints of The Black Keys

The Silver Lake Chorus - 'Tabu'

US outfit bring the same uplifting indie-pop sound as Tune-Yards to their latest upbeat romp

Mi Von Ahn - 'Dust' (Live At Ingrid Studios)

Swedish outfit take their cues from The War On Drugs with this sweeping indie-rock release

Bad Brooks - 'Lake House'

US singer-songwriter previews his first album in seven years with this soft and wistful serenade

King Catcher - 'My Good Mind Got Broken'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of The Stone Roses with this groove-filled indie-rock jam

Christof Van Der Ven - 'Bravails Arc'

Dutch singer-songwriter previews his next album with this fresha and galloping folk-rock swoon

Mind Cinema - 'Neon Fire'

Mexican outfit bring the same uplifting electro-pop as Chvrches to their latest pounding release

Juliane - 'Letting Go'

Canadian frontwoman channels a distinctly Janet Jackson vibe for this smooth RnB groove

Night House - 'To Be With'

British outfit take influence from James Blake for this soaring post-rock-inspired delight

Hugh - 'Sober'

British outfit deliver a pulsing and ethereal electro-pop stomper, with nods to London Grammar

Blue Lab Beats - 'Hi There'

British duo preview their new EP with this funk-filled, disco-inspired belter, with nods to Tom Misch

Patrick - 'Psychedelic Love Storm'

British frontman takes influence from Sam Smith with this smooth and serene alt-pop serenade

Holly Redford Jones - 'Bonjour Madame'

British frontwoman brings the same laid-back swagger as Courtney Barnett to her latest indie-rock croon

Jack Shields - 'Live It Light'

US frontman channels the sweeping folk sound of Fleet Foxes for this uplifting new release

LP - 'House On Fire'

US frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Sia with this bold and vibrant alt-pop belter

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